16 Ağustos 2013 Cuma

Homeworks always become a big problem for students. In addition to this, required classes are usually boring for them, too. Many students are against compulsory attendance and homework but I think this rules should be for efficient and permanent education. If they do not force to study, they do not do. Therefore students always should force to study for efficient education. Additionally the students can’t find this conditions for improve themselves.

First of all, the classes are much more important for education. The students cannot study well except for this disciplined ambient. The class ambient is convenient for education, because everyone is here for education and all of them are ready to learn something. Also teachers are ready to teach something. Besides, students can give more information from their friends and they can study a lot together in class.

On the other hand, homeworks are the most important work for students to improve their skills. They can attend the class and they can obtain some knowledge about the issue but if they do not do their homeworks, they will not consolidate this knowledge, so they will not be permanent. Also the home works are compelling things for students, which obligate them to study.

All things considered, we can see that the students need to force to study for keeping the information in mind. The rules are also important to obligate them. Therefore if we want to educate the students, the rules and the obligations should not be abolished.

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