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The best way to travel argumentative essay.

    Travelling is a popular pastime all over the world. There are several options for travellers. Some prefer to go on a guided tour while some to like to travel by themselves. Many people prefer to go with a group led by a tour guide when they travel although travelling by yourself is also adventageous.

    First of all, if people travel in a group with a tour guide, they do not have to worry about arranging the trip. They just need to look for a travel agency which is going to a place they like, and they let the tour guide take care of the rest. The tour guide makes the hotel reservations and chooses the restaurants and plans the activities for each day. They do not have to worry about anything because the guide does everything for them.

    If travellers go on a guided tour, they needn't figure out which places to visit. The tour guide knows which are the best museums. The tour guide knows where the good beaches are and which stores have the best prices. The travellers might make the wrong choices as they have no idea bout the place they are visiting. With a tour guide, they gurantee the best possible experience on their trip.

    Moreover, travellers do not have worry about knowing the local language and customs as the tour guide knows the language and can speak for the group when necessary. The tour guide also knows when the local holidays are, or how to dress appropriately for each situation. In short, the poeple in the tour do not have to worry about confusions with the language or customs because the tour guide can help them.

    On the other hand, the opponents may argue that travelling by yourself has its own benefits. Initially, when you go to a place with a guided tour, you are not as free as when you travel by yourself. You have to stick to the predetermined schedule and cannot do whatever you feel like doing. For some people, it is an adventure and it is fun to explore a new place by yourself and you cannot do this with tour guide. However, people want to relax when they go on vacation. They do not want to worry about the necessary arrangements. A tour guide can take care of all these things for you, and you can have a good time.

    As seen, travelling with a tour guide is much better than travelling by yourself as the tour guide makes all the necessary arrangements for the trip. The tour guide knows the best places to visit s/he is familiar with the local language and customs. The only thing you have to do is relax and enjoy yourself when you travel with a tour guide.

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