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Video Games argumentative essay

    The younger generation plays an extremely important role in each society because societies only exist through their children or adolescents. Societies should neglect their younger generation as the youngsters are quite impressionable and can be adversely influenced. With the advance of tehnology and computers video games become the youngsters' favourite pastime. Consequently, the question whether video games are harmful for the children or not arises. Due to the popularity of video games, this issue has become a highly debated issue. Some people believe that video games should be restricted as it is quite addictive and turns the younger generation into antisocial human beings.

    First, it has been argue that video games are beneficial since they develop children's abilities and knowledge in different field such as business or even engineering. Most games, so this argument goes, even improve children's imagination as well as their mathematical skills. However, these games make children incapable of functioning in the real world because most children spend all their free time in an imaginary world. In fact, their skills diminish and, as a result, youngster become lazier. Moreover, these video games are quite dangerous as they feature characters with magical abilities whom the children identify with. Therefore, these naive, impressionable youngsters believe that they are endowed with supernatural abilities, which can lead to fatal accidents.

    It has also  been claimed that video game are only an in offensive free time activity. As the youngster play these games only in their spare time, there is nothing wrong about them. Although video games are seen as an innocent, harmless, entertaining free time activity, most of these games can easily turn our children into addicts. Furthermore, video games are not the only free time activity children can engage in. There are other beneficial activities such as reading and sports.

    Moreover, it has been stated that computer are effective machines to entertain children while homemakers are doing their chores. Nevertheless, this is one of the worst forms of entertainment since it may result in isolation from friends and family, and eventually loneliness. Instead of spending hours in fron of a computer, children would benefit a lot more by interacting with their peers. As the recent studies suggest, children become more active and communicative when they interact with their peers.

    In conclusion, playing video games should be restricted. Although it is maintained that they are benefcial in some ways, it is a well-known fact that our children become lazier, inactive, antisocial and lonely human beings and addicts. We should not forget that developed societies have achieved their prosperity by raising their children in good conditions, not by neglecting their behavioural development.

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