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    Day by day technological tools are improved and they are used in education. The contribution of technological tools to education can not be ignored. Many people believed that technological tools were harmful until today. Indeed if they are used correctly, there will be a great number of contribution to education. Oodles of countries have been using these tools in order to realized that they are beneficial for education.

    Technological tools and materials are used in our country. For example, smart boards, projectors and tablet computers.These types of tools contribute for better understanding with examples and consolidate the subject. they also help teachers for easier teaching to students. Thus, education become more informative and efficient than normal education.

    The contribution of technological tools to education are not only limited to these examples. In our country there are too few houses which have not a computer and an internet connection. The internet do not only involve lots of things that are harmful for students but also involve so many educational content. Students can find so many useful things such as lecturing, quizzes, exam questions, training videos. They can improve themselves with use these useful contents.

     To sum up, all technological things can contribute to education if people know how the technology is used. Therefore people should be taught about technology because if they really don’t know how technology is used, this condition would be very harmful for everyone.

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